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Hive UWP Beta App - Privacy Policy

This policy refers to the Hive UWP Beta app available for Windows 10 devices.

We do not store or transmit any of your personal information to our own servers. For example, we do not store your username or password anywhere but on your device in the secure password vault.

Requests are made to the Hive API in a similar way to the official non-UWP app, we do not store any data on our servers about your heating or your home. Requests are made directly to Hive from the device and do not travel via a third party API hosted by ourselves.

Any personal information used within the app is not stored anywhere or passed on to third parties for marketing purposes and are only used for the purpose of communicating with the official Hive API.

This app is provided as-is and does not include any warranty or guarantees of continuing functionality.