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11. May 2012 22:26
by Daniel Harris

Co-authoring a Word Document from SharePoint 2010 using Office 2010

11. May 2012 22:26 by | 0 Comments

A very nice feature of Office 2010 is the ability to co-author documents that are stored on a SharePoint site. I particularly like that it locks the section you are working on, and only shows your changes when you are ready. You can get Office 2010 as part of an Office 365 subscription at a very a... [More]

8. May 2012 21:24
by Daniel Harris

Prevent nested Applications from inheriting their parents web.config values in IIS

8. May 2012 21:24 by | 0 Comments

Sometimes you need to host an application within an existing website/app in IIS. The way many of us are all familiar with is right clicking on a folder in the IIS site structure, and choosing 'Convert to Application'. Some expect that this treats the application as a separate entity to i... [More]

4. May 2012 21:53
by Daniel Harris

Creating an RSA Private Key for Windows Server 2008 from text using OpenSSL

4. May 2012 21:53 by | 0 Comments

Recently I had to move a clients website from their old developers server in the USA to one based here in the UK. Part of that migration involved getting an SSL certificate setup and working on the new server. I was provided with the certificate code in the following text format: —–BE... [More]